“Nah Follow Some Boy Cause Mi No About Karma, So I’ll Go On Plant Two Root Of Marijuana” – Mystic Warrior off his Debut EP, One Foot Forward

Mystic Warrior otherwise born as Lyndon Benjamin grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica. As a young youth, around six years old, Mystic performed his first stage show that his father put on with some friends. Although he could barely grip the mic, his ability to wow the crowd with three different songs did not go unrecognized. This was where Mystic was given his original name of Prince Paradise following his father’s DJ name of King Paradise. After Mystic’s first touch on the stage, he was inspired to continue on with his musical ambitions. At the age of 7, Mystic wrote his first song filled with positive messages of unity and oneness. His musical abilities continued to grow all through primary school where he was constantly active in clashes with his peers. After primary school, Mystic worked on raising his music to another conscious level by spending time in Kingston at many local studios. Flavor squad studios was where he voiced his first song, Jah Watch Over Mi. It wasn’t until Mystic moved to Negril though when he was recognized by 5 Rivers Entertainment. They quickly picked up on his talent and signed him to a contract. Mystic voiced three songs for 5 Rivers, including Mr. Hungry, Dem A Rush, and Mystic Vision (all found on Reverb Nation). Followed by the studio time with 5 Rivers, Mystic pushed on with his creative visions and made two music videos for Dem A Rush and Mr. Hungry. Mystic’s time with 5 Rivers was cut short due to a conflict of interest amongst the owners. This only inspired Mystic more and has allowed him total creative control over the direction of his musical path. Mystic is actively working in his studio daily manifesting his message through his voice and has a new EP coming out as of August 2016 titled, “One Foot Forward”.  Mystic is not a man who looks to the past or the future because only the present can unfold his vision for unity for the people and love for Mother Earth.